Our purebred dogo puppies are here for our first litter of 2018. The bitch is “Cocha”. The Stud is “Puma Hawgstein” both are 100% purebred. They are both tested, hunted and proven champions. Both are parents are also from the Martinez bloodline dogo’s, imported from Cordoba, Argentina. The father, Puma Hawgstein, is line-bred on the ranch (estancia) from La`Cocha.

Our basic companion puppy prices start at $3,200.00 USD and the champion hunters at $4,200.00 and up. All our Dogo’s are Micro-chipped and registered at Schaffer Ridge Dogo Kennel. Ears are cropped for hunting stock only (or by request), a complete health certificate including Diagnostic Pathology testing, and current vaccination will be provided by our local veterinarian staff.

Please fill out our PRE-SCREEN APPLICATION in order to be considered as a potential owner. All applicants will be throughly interviewed the process takes about a week. To make this as simple as possible please only seriously interested candidates should apply.

Thank you.
Schaffer Ridge Dogo Kennel

Cordoba, Argentina 2014 Jeff Schaffer Ulises Martinez Jorge Fornez

Schaffer Ridge Dogo Kennel