Just wanted to tell you a little thing about Amos.  He is very sweet with people.  I think all his Vet visits may have something to do with it, but he loves seeing people.  And they always remark what a sweet boy he is at the vets.  He has not shown any aggression whatsoever at almost 6 months.

Larry was out all day yesterday and did not get home till about 11pm.  We were all asleep in the bedroom.  Larry came through the front door and as soon as his foot hit the floor, Amos came flying from the bedroom, barking and lunged at Larry.  Larry put his arm up in defense and yelled Amos.  He said Amos recognized him immediately, but his feet had already left the ground.  His mouth went at his arm, but he stopped and did not bite down at all.  Larry was surprised at the intensity of Amos.

He is now 75 pounds.  Is that about the weight of the other puppies?

I hope you had a good time with your family in CO. and got home safely.  We had a good Christmas.


The importance of choosing the right breeder can’t be overstated, especially for this very unique breed,
as that will drive your experience and your Dogo’s from day one and throughout his or her lifetime.
From the first phone call with Jeff Schaffer, you’ll realize you are not merely dealing with a Dogo breeder,
but rather a completely character-driven, protector of and champion of this magnificent breed. If
you’ve dealt with other breeders in the past, you’ll no doubt notice that any discussion of payment or
deposits is conspicuously absent.

Jeff’s passion for ensuring his Dogos are placed perfectly begins with the extensive nature of his
application, thorough interview and reference requirements – and is further demonstrated by his 24/7
availability to provide guidance and hands-on assistance at any stage of your Dogo’s life. Very simply,
the health, well-being and safe household-assimilation of the Dogo is Jeff’s overriding priority, and
should he feel you will not be equipped for whatever reason to add a Dogo to your household, he will
not hesitate to compassionately, yet firmly, decline your request. This exceptional, heartfelt
commitment to the breed, and the resulting minimal, ethical breeding schedule he maintains are what
you will remember always whether or not you are privileged to receive one of his Dogos.

My “wish list” of a highly-trainable, intelligent and protective companion seemed to come to life in the
Dogo’s description. Our first Dogo, Ritzy, lived a long and wonderful life, although she came from a
breeder who never communicated with us, and ultimately went out of business, a blessing in disguise.
When I began the process of finding another Dogo, I found Jeff and the difference was profound. Six
months ago we brought home our second female Dogo, Bela. As promised, Jeff has been by our side,
fully invested – providing his time and customary wisdom and direction.

If you’re fortunate enough to welcome one of Jeff’s Dogos to your home, you’ll gain not only a
wonderful dog – but an extended family in Jeff Schaffer and his equally devoted wife Terry. Their
knowledge of the breed and support are unmatched, as is the quality of their Dogos. I would be honored
to share my outstanding experience in greater detail with anyone wishing to have a conversation, as it’s difficult
to capture in writing. Please feel free to email me at cathidavidson@gmail.com.

Shawn & Cathi Davidson

We appreciate all you have done and continue to do to help make the transition of bringing Barkley into our home so smooth. We are so pleased with our experience with Schaffer Dogo Kennel! Barkley has proven to be nothing short of intelligent (at 11 weeks he is able to easily follow commands such as sit, down, watch me, leave it, shake, come and stay. He is also kennel trained with very minimal accidents in our home from day 1). He is gentle and getting along very well with our tiny pup as well!! I would advise that this breed is a breed that responds well to consistency in routine and training, we spend 1-2 hours a day training and have had great results. Mr. Jeff and his family were always kind and helpful; but most importantly honest. We could not be happier with our new pup and the relationship we have built with the Schaffers!

The Elkins Family

I first spoke to Jeff Schaffer in October 2017. After extensive research, I chose a couple of kennels and sent messages via websites. Jeff was the first to contact me; he contacted me the same day I sent the message. (When another ranch later contacted me, I told them I was sticking with Schaffer. The other ranch said I made an excellent choice.)

I was a first time Dogo owner. Since I was new to the Dogo world, Jeff instructed me to watch several videos to learn about the breed and to ensure a Dogo would be a good fit for my household/family. Jeff is serious about his business, but he is not in business to sell Dogos. He loves his breed but is not mass producing for a profit. Schaffer Ridge produces maybe two litters a year. He is absolutely passionate about the Dogo, not the profit.

In addition to videos and reading material, he put me in touch with another Dogo owner named Samantha. I assume she was there to help Jeff make the decision because she asked very smart questions and answered all of mine.

She was a first time Dogo owner once and Jeff and his family helped her every step of the way. I instantly felt like family when I spoke to Samantha and our conversation lasted for no less than one hour (probably more but I can’t remember.)

Even though Jeff and his community felt like either an exclusive club or tight-knit family, I do not think I appreciated the situation until I had Kyra. I am a US Navy retired K9 Handler (Master-at-Arms) and mostly worked with German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois (mostly GS.) The Dogo, more importantly, a Schaffer Ridge Dogo, is a different breed. Jeff tried to explain this to me, but I could not grasp the concept until I had Kyra. Although extremely trainable, she makes her own decisions. She is not obedient because I conditioned her; I could see her think about a command. I have been around many smart dogs in my life but the Dogo amazes me and is in a category all its own. She thinks for herself but is also very sensitive to her owner’s commands. She does not want to ever disappoint us.

My veterinarian was very impressed the first time I brought Kyra for an evaluation. He primarily deals with large farm animals but still treats dogs and cats. The first time I walked in with Kyra, he said, “Well that’s a fine-looking boar hunter if I ever did see one.” Normally, he is very soft spoken, so he must have been surprised. None of the other employees in the office recognized the breed. When she was about ten months old, an associate veterinarian asked what kind of Dogo was Kyra. He asked because he had never seen a Dogo (they have nine that are patients) so purely pink and purely white.

I have heard several times over the past year that Kyra is a superior Dogo. It has taken a while for me to understand what is meant by superior but when you see it, you cannot forget it. Jeff’s La Cocha bloodline is truly perfection. I HIGHLY recommend Schaffer Ridge Dogo Kennel if you want a quality dog. There is no doubt in my mind that when I am ready for my next Dogo, I will contact Jeff.

I would welcome any questions you have about my experience with Schaffer Ridge or a puppy Dogo. My email is mrenner357@gmail.comFeel free to contact me anytime.

Melissa M. Renner

Jeff and Terry are wonderful people and we were blessed to find them. We originally got a puppy from them in 2010, we named her Sage.  It is evident that they take great care for their dogs and pride in what they do.  The dogs are not just given away “to the highest bidder”. They spoke to the people in our lives and did their due diligence to make sure the puppies would wind up with the right owners,  people who would love them and care for them.

Sadly Sage passed away 8 years later.  When we contacted Jeff to share our loss, we found out that they had a new litter of puppies.  At this point we lived across the country.  Jeff and Terry were so incredibly nice to offer to bring the puppy on their way to visit family.  They definitely did not have to inconvenience themselves with bringing a puppy on a cross country road trip just for us, but they did.  We were extremely grateful.  We named her Ruby.

I think the breed speaks for itself. They are incredibly smart dogs, and a great addition to the family.  Jeff and Terry are the only people that I would trust if we decide to add a new “fur-ever” member of our family.


Schaffer-ridge-dogo-kennel-club Christopher-&-Amber-Hudson-Testomonial

We don’t write many reviews or testimonials. However, when you think to yourself, “wow, that could not have gone any better”, a review of that experience is probably worth writing. The Schaffers are direct, intense, and very serious about finding the best potential owners possible for their litter. There is a tremendous amount of knowledge, experience, and love for the breed behind their approach and efforts. After knowing them for a few years now we can say that the Schaffers are high character, high integrity people. Therefore it’s natural for them to care a great deal about what they do. We also believe that part of the reason for their approach is the nature of the dogs they produce.

Overall the Dogo breed itself is uniquely intelligent, determined, and powerful. Above this, the line that Schaffer Ridge produces has a very high level of all these characteristics. If the previous statement about the breed strikes you as possible hyperbole, I strongly encourage you to ask more questions of Jeff, meet and talk to more Dogo owners, and learn as much as you can before acquiring one. Now that I have had a Dogo as part of my family I cannot imagine owning another breed. However, there is a mindset and skill level that is necessary to successfully own this breed. This is an area where the Schaffers are truly invaluable. The quality of their advice and knowledge can make the difference between an enjoyable development of your Dogo and a very challenging experience.

Our girl is outstanding. We would not change anything about her or our experience growing with her. She has already exceeded our expectations and we hope our journey together has many many more years. There are times when you will be amazed by the capabilities of this breed (physical and mental). There are times when you won’t believe how well they seem to “know you”. There are also times when you will be immensely frustrated by their commitment to training you instead of you training them! Be prepared!

Christopher and Amber Hudson
Remi (female, 15 months, 102 lbs, too smart for her own good) – 2020 Schaffer Ridge Litter

Christopher and Amber Hudson

I live west of Boston MA and have owned a Dogo for 10+ years. My wife and I started planning our second Dogo given the age of our first. I was referred to Schaffer Ridge as my previous breeder moved out of country. It takes a lot of trust and faith to feel comfortable buying a puppy from a stranger 900 miles away. My initial judgment of Jeff painted a picture of an individual that was honest and genuinely devoted to the Dogo Argentino breed. Jeff was in the planning phase of his next litter. He was very organized and explained his process including references. He was clearly interested in protecting the breed – I would walk away from any breeder that doesn’t ask for references.

I made it clear to Jeff that I was looking for a family Dogo with good disposition as it would be around small children. The main function of this Dogo was running partner family pet. We had a few more conversations and I committed mailing him a deposit.

Puppies were born and Jeff provided excellent details about the progress each week. On puppy pick up day, Jeff picked me up at airport, introduced me to puppy (Phoebe), and we had breakfast. I had a great opportunity to speak to Jeff and his wife about whom they are, where they come from, what is important etc.

My initial gut judgment/feeling was 100% correct. Jeff and wife are outstanding individuals. His word is bond. His Dogo’s are superior. I have been more and more impressed each time I speak with him. I will be buying my next Dogo in 5 years from Schaffer Ridge Dogo Kennels. I would be happy to speak with anyone as a reference to Schaffer Ridge Dogo’s “Matthewcallander @ yahoo dot com”.

Matt Callander

First I want to say that you will not meet a better man than Jeff Schaffer. I first bought a Dogo Argentino from a man in Anderson, Greenville and Belton SC. Don’t even consider getting a Dogo from anyone else. I repeat do not get a puppy from anyone else.

The first puppy a received from him had my Mom pinned on the couch portraying extreme aggression. I took that puppy back and got another one. I raised this puppy to nine months. He eventually portrayed aggression as well.

I have known Jeff for about three years and I finally got a male Dogo pup from him and I could not be more pleased. Cash is extremely calm and has already bonded to me and my family. I have always had English Labs and this puppy has the disposition of a lab. If you are considering getting a Dogo you have found the one and only place to get a pup from. Jeff is a man with the greatest respect of the breed.

It was a pleasure dealing with Jeff. Jeff and I will be friends for life. If you have any questions regarding my experience with Jeff Schaffer please feel free to call me 803-804-3396. Jeff, I can`t thank you enough for giving me the opportunity to have Cash.

Kendol Hoagland

Hi Jeff and Terry,

I hope all is well with you and your family. Zeus is 6 years old now and still an loyal amazing smart boy.

I wanted to share a little story with you about Zeus. Dan and I were hiking with Zeus and we came across a family of deer. Before Dan or I had a chance to react and leash Zeus he took off after the running deer. I shouted the command “Leave it” and Zeus Immediately stopped chasing after the deer turned around and came back to us. I feel  if he didn’t respect us he would have continued chasing the deer until he caught it or got hurt. Dan thinks that Zeus would have made an awesome big game hunter.

We are so proud of him and the fact he went against his hunting Instincts and came back unharmed.

Our best always Have a wonderful week,

Amy Dan and Zeus

Joy the Dogo Argentino Puppy

As I was looking into this amazing breed I also started to look for a good Kennel/breeder really close to me (I live in Orlando FL), as I was captivated by the beautiful form of this breed. I would spend days and nights looking and browsing thru the internet, sending emails, sowing hours in my quest of finding the right place to buy a companion Dogo Puppy.

I received several answers via email from different Kennels and Dogo Argentino owners that only wanted my money, most of them didn’t care what I was looking for (hunter, guard or companion dog) most will say it’s all the same, however it is really sad to say that some people could care less about who you are, as they don’t really take time to get to know what you are really looking for, why did you get interested in the breed and so forth. I noticed that everyone was just breeding their dogs and trying to produce a product to get a quick buck, until I sent an email to Schaffer Ridge Kennel, and of course you put your phone number down your email address and I SAW what is that I AM you looking for (companion, hunter or guard dog) this gave a bit of peace of mind.

I then was contacted by the man behind the Schaffer ridge Kennel; Mr. Jeff Schaffer himself took the time to ask me just about everything about me and my family we spoke for over 45 minutes just to see if I was going to be able to handle such a beautiful and powerful force, right then and there I knew that my search for the perfect Kennel had come to an end as Mr. Schaffer took the time to answer every question I had.

The waiting list is a period that builds up character on an individual as you go into a time of waiting for the new puppy to be born. I took this time to read as many books and watch as many documentaries and videos in YouTube as I could, as we waited (my family and I). Mother nature played with the emotions twice as the 2 Dogo Argentinos ladies that we thought were pregnant were NOT, and we kept on waiting, soon after Mr. Jeff brought a Dogo female from La Cocha, cordoba and shortly after she GOT pregnant. In no time she had the puppies and as always the timing of The Lord is perfect 8 weeks later, I was picking up the little one on my Bday, at Schaffer’s camp!

I did wait quite sometime however, Mr. Schaffer was always keeping us in the loop of the events and always sharing every little detail that went on the Kennel, he made me see that he really doesn’t do it for the money (as he didn’t have to say it), I came to realized that he is very passionate about the breed and the standard, I would recommend him and his Kennel to everyone that really wants a real DOGO Argentino he treated me and my family with respect I can’t say enough words of thanksgiving for such an amazing individual,

We might do this again very very soon,

Gustavo Portalanza

My dogs name is Argus. He is three years old – birthday September 24, 2010, second litter Uzi and Luga – he was the runt of the litter. He’s now a height of 27 inches, with a weight of 90 lbs.

I received him when he was 2 ½ months old. Argus quickly bonded with the family and is standoffish to strangers’. He does not need to be patted by guest visiting our home. He is happy to go for walks and play outside, and can be dog friendly if properly introduced to new dogs. He learns new tricks, and wants to take part in family activities.

He enjoys going for rides in the car and will lay in the back seat if you run into a store, without sticking his head out the window and barking at people. He is a dog that needs to be run everyday, and enjoys trips to the beach and woods. A bored Dogo is a dog about to get in trouble. I have known Jeff Schaffer for 20 years and have played/hunted with his Dogo’s at the Schaffer Ridge Dogo Kennel since he bought his first dog back from Argentina.

He wants to keep the breed as the Martinez family breed the dog (hunter/protectors), and has brought new dogs up from Argentina to improve the breed. I would recommend these dogs to some one who has a lot of time and energy to invest in training a large strong willed dog.

Matt Mattoon

My dog Remi is now 3 years old. I received her when she was 8 weeks old. We were not suppose to get her until 10 weeks because Jeff was going to take the litter down to Florida to get their ears cropped and their hearing tested.

Jeff knew how excited we were to bring her home so he let us pick her up two weeks early. He was nice enough to offer to swing by and pick her up on his way to Florida. We have 3 others dogs and two small children so we wanted to socialize her as soon as possible. She fit right in from the very first day, but we noticed she was the best sleeping puppy we had ever seen.

As I got to spend some individual time with her away for the other dogs I started to worry she couldn’t hear. I called Jeff and spoke with him about it. Since she was given the title of “Pick of the Litter” by the vet, Jeff was very concerned.

He gave me some advice on different ways to check her hearing. It turned out that she was born completely deaf, but is so intelligent and alert that it was only noticeable when she would not wake up for any sound.

Jeff was just as devastated as we were to find out the bad news. He offered to return my money or give me another puppy from the litter. I had no idea what was required of training a deaf puppy but I knew that if I didn’t take on the responsibility she would likely be put down.

So after discussing this with my family I decided that I had chosen her to be part of our family a month ago. When I first went to see the litter I had a choice of any of the puppies, and I chose her. So regardless of her hearing issues she was ours to love and take care of.

The next day Remi and I rode up to Camp Schaffer to pay the remainder of the balance I owed Jeff and to inform him of our decision to keep her. When I told him what we had decided to do he was worried about the training issues but was very pleased that we were willing to do the work to give Remi a good life.

Instead of taking the rest of my payment Jeff gave me my initial deposit back and said to use the money to get her the necessary tools and training to make sure she is a happy well behaved dog. Jeff has also kept in touch with us over the years to check in on the family.

I am pleased to say keeping Remi was one of the best decisions I have ever made. She is better trained then any of our other dogs (they all have perfect hearing). She has almost 40 hand commands and unless I bring it up nobody has any idea that she is deaf.

She loves to hunt, plays on the beach, swims in the river, rides on the boat, chases me on mountain bike rides, and goes on daily runs with no leash. In dealing with Schaffer Ridge Kennels I thought I was just buying a dog, instead I ended up adopting a new family member from a man I now consider a friend.

I don’t even know how to explain the love I have for Remi. With all the time I have spent training her, I still end up being the one learning. She has taught me how important it is to know the difference between listening and paying attention.

I always thought I was a good listener but I have learned that paying attention is far more important. It’s crazy that a deaf dog taught me so much about being a good husband and a father. So needless to say there aren’t any words to describe the love I have for Remi. I have to say it has been a Great experience dealing with Jeff and Schaffer Ridge Kennels.

Whit Cubbage

Hi Jeff,

I hope all is well with you and your family. I wanted to take a moment to tell you a little story about Zeus.

A couple of days ago I was hiking with my sister her two dogs and Zeus in New Hampshire. During our hike we kept hearing what sounded like an annoying yapper dog so we kept changing our direction and choosing trails that lead away from it rather than dealing with somebody’s misbehaving dog. It seemed that this yapping dog was following us even though we could not see it. We came to a point on our hike and we were able to see the yapping dog on top of a hill and realized that the yapping dog was actually a coyote. We immediately put my sister’s dogs (who are smaller) on leash because they started to get nervous, however, I kept Zeus off leash for a couple reasons I had his e-collar on him and I knew that not only would Zeus listen to me but he would have a better chance of protecting himself and us if he was not leashed. Lucky for us the coyote gave up, however, there is no doubt in my head that if the coyote did decide to attack that Zeus would have protected us.

I know that this may be a silly story but I honestly feel that any other dog Zeus’s size that did not respect its owner as an alpha would have taken off after the coyote. I am so proud of Zeus and how he listened to my commands to stay with us and I am also so proud of his loyalty and protectiveness. The bond between Zeus and I amazes me every day. Thank you for giving us such an incredible Dogo Argentino.

Our Best Always,

Amy Dan and Zeus

Amy Dan & Zeus (Rockyzdiva1983@aol.com )
I began my search for a mastiff three years ago, but one that had a longer lifespan of my beloved B​ull mastiff. ​I needed​ a definite protection dog. I did my research and finally found Jeff Schaffer which turned out to be the biggest blessing I could ever imagine. Jeff was available before the breeding even took place on a regular basis. I was scared to give my heart away again . Jeff walked me through the entire breeding process  and kept me up to date on an almost daily basis. ​He knew exactly what I needed and wanted and bottom line he made it happen.

I ​received my ​boy​ from Schaffer Ridge Dogo K​ennel​,​ he was born August 2016 the sire was Bear and the Bitch was Cocha​, I had to wait at least the 8 weeks before he would let any puppy go. ​At times I know I got on his nerves but he spoke to me like a father would and taught me so many things. I consider this man, veteran, husband , father a part of my family. When my puppy was born Jeff was losing his favorite Dogo Uzi to cancer. I asked his permission to name my boy after his Uzi and he agreed. I am honored and forever in debt to Jeff & his beautiful wife Terry ( who gave me great advice as well). I am the proud mother/alpha  of UZI II. My boy is now 6 months old and Jeff and I still speak on a regular basis. He is like a father to me and I will never lose contact. I am planning on bringing Uzi’s namesake back for a visit when he is fully matured around 2 years. Jeff & Terry (being ​Ex-​New Yorkers too) are always welcome in my home and I would love a visit from them anytime! The knowledge, the upfront honest advice and the support is something I have never experienced before and probably never will again. This is truly a labor of love for Jeff. I frequently  (maybe too much) update Jeff with photos and questions due to this being a VERY special breed. I consider the Schaffer’s family I hope they know that. If anyone ever has any questions feel free to phone me and I can elaborate even more about the best experience ever.

Samantha G. Flynn (samflynn0801@gmail.com)

I just wanted to share my experience this evening with you. I took the girls, Luna and Timber for their daily hike. We were back in the hills behind my property on our usual route. We were maybe 45 minutes into our hike when a black bear jumped out onto the trail in front of us only about 25 yards away.

I of course had my pistol and drew it – my first reaction was hoping the dogs didn’t go after it either barking or out of curiosity. They are always off leash but have their e collars on. Timber stayed with me, but Luna immediately put herself about 10 feet in front of me between myself and the bear. I started side stepping down the trail not taking my eyes off the bear. Luna backed down the trail with me always keeping herself between me and the bear.

It was the oddest feeling I have ever had. She was peaceful, knew to keep her cool, all the while her hair was standing up on her back and tail straight up. She is amazingly smart, her natural instincts are impressive and her need to guard me was beyond anything I have ever seen. She definitely took in the situation and I could tell she was quickly analyzing it. She’s only 10 months old this week. When we got back to the house I was in tears – mostly that Timber listened and stayed close and how Luna put herself in front of me immediately. I just cannot explain the feeling I had and the silent communication that was happening between her and I. She knew exactly what I wanted just by making eye contact with me every so few feet,  like she was checking on me.

The wildlife up here doesn’t bother me- but I feel 100% confident in this dog!

I am not necessarily a super religious person- but I swear God gave me a guardian angel in the form of a Dogo I named Luna!

It just reaffirmed everything that has happened in my life lately has happened for a reason that left me with this amazing gift!

Thanks to you and Terry for choosing this breed and allowing me to steward one of these courageous dogs! Ok- I think I’m done crying now!

On a less serious note- she has her appointment on the 15th to be spayed- do you need any of the paperwork to prove this has been done- just thinking back to the contract we signed.
Also- I would like to purchase some more long sleeved t shirts from you if this is possible. I’ve been wearing the heck out of the other ones!

What an amazing day!!

Love to both of you!


Hard to imagine it’s been two years already but you and Mattis have forever changed our lives. We owe you two a debt of gratitude I’ll never be able to explain. Thank you for allowing us into your lives and allowing us the honor of owning one of you awesome animals.

Jason Johnson