About Our 2017 Puppies


This is Cocha our Premier Bitch and her last litter.

This is Bear our #1 Stud. 

Schaffer Ridge Dogo Kennel, prides its self with 100% purebred Dogo Argentino’s directly imported from La Cocha, Argentina. Our puppies are cared for and completely socialized in their pack as they are in Cordoba. Raised and worked within the frameworks of the Cordoba, Estancia provides. We hold the highest standard of selective breeding. Our goal is to produce the very best of the best in America. Certainly, in South Carolina. We hunt our dogs regularly and they stand guard on our 400 acres of property. They are not sold for breeding or fighting. When you have the best breed blood line, we feel it’s imperative not to change something that is not broken.

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We are as rare as our dogs. We are very selective in who gets our dogs. We have a waiting list of people some who have been waiting for as long as a year or more. Why do these people wait for our dogs? Read our testimonials. We do not breed often and do not always have puppies available. As a matter of fact, we have never had any puppies not spoken for prior to their birth.

When you are searching for reputable honorable breeders. Please do your homework. You will be living with your dog for the next 10-14 years if you are lucky, your dog will be happy , healthy, well balanced. A great companion, a Nobel and loyal friend. Our dogs will do the job. We breed only the best proven and tested dogo’s
Not the first bitch to come into heat. We are not a puppy mill. Or, truly maybe we should not call ourselves breeders. We on occasion supply a select number of individuals, our owners are as rare as our dogs. A unique combination of quality dogs connecting with the same in owners.

Dogo’s are not for everyone. We breed for intelligence, drive, courage, loyalty and nobility! Our mission is to produce the best of the best hunting / guardian type dogo’s In America.